Artist K. A. d Collins
Magical Surrealist Portraits
Charcoal, Graphite, and Silverpoint Drawings

K.A. d Collins

K.A d Collins creates magical one of a kind artworks that transport the viewer to another world. Her work expresses the surreal, dreamlike imagery that can be found in the portrait or the landscape, without blurring the reality of the person, or location that is being represented.
Collins' portraits juxtapose the realism of the person that is the subject of the piece with a surreal, dreamlike setting and meaning.

New addition has been added,

"Chrysalis Collection"

Life as we know it begins when we break free of our mother's chrysalis womb and our eyes open for the first time. This birth is an initiation into the many transformative re-births we can expect to experience as we flutter through lifetimes. On our personal journey from transformation to acceptance, is who we are simply a matter of how we see ourselves?

      There is the world of dreams,
      and then there is the realm of 
             magical surrealism. 
         This is the realm of artist 
              K.  A . d  C o l l i n s .